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Anna Mecugni

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Beatrice Pediconi

Over the past five years, the Italian artist Beatrice Pediconi-an architect by training-has produced works that bring together painting, performance and photography. Pediconi is drawn to the gravity…

Elisabetta Benassi

Truth and falsehood, fact and fiction shifted and overlapped in Elisabetta Benassi’s second solo show at Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, “All I Remember.” The first presentation of a work-in-progress conc…

Ruth Sacks

The Italian solo debut of the 33-year-old South African artist Ruth Sacks resembled a group show. “Double-Sided Accumulated” presented eight highly diverse recent works that occupied the gallery fro…

Francesco Arena

On Dec. 12, 1969, a bomb exploded at Milan’s Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura. Known as the Strage di Piazza Fontana (Fontana Square Massacre), the event signaled the beginning of a turbulent…

Massimo Bartolini

This show by the 48-year-old Massimo Bartolini featured two sound installations—each containing a movement-sensitive photocell that activated a sound emission—and a series of three paintings. Two m

Hans Op de Beeck

After walking through the Galleria Borghese—a gem of a museum in which masterpieces from classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance and Baroque are housed in a 17th-century villa amid inlaid marb…