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Anne Reeve

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William Christenberry

For over 50 years, the Washington, D.C.-based artist William Christenberry has focused his attention on the American South, specifically the landscape of rural Hale County, Ala., near to where he was…

Workingman Collective

The D.C.-based Workingman Collective was founded in 2005 and centers on the wide-ranging activities of members Janis Goodman, Tom Ashcraft and Peter Winant. In their words, the collective privileges s…

Phil Nesmith

Last June, Richmond-based artist Phil Nesmith traveled to the Louisiana Gulf Coast with box cameras, glass plates, chemicals and a portable darkroom to photograph the aftereffects of British Petrole…

Clive Murphy

Housed in a 100-year-old former factory in Minneapolis’s riverside warehouse district, the Soap Factory recalls a vanished industrial heyday with its 11-to-13-foot ceilings, wooden floors, and exposed…

Sterling Ruby

A primary tension between repression and expression runs throughout L.A.-based Sterling Ruby’s multifaceted practice, at least as a jumping-off point.