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Aoife Rosenmeyer

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Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith's latest body of work centers on María Elena—a town of around six thousand inhabitants in the middle of Chile's Atacama Desert that was founded in 1926 by the Guggenheim brothers to…

Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas's sculptures and installations often hew to a principle he calls "autoconstrucción," which centers on making work collaboratively in an ad hoc fashion with materials at hand.

Shahryar Nashat

Geneva-born, Los Angeles– and Berlin-based artist Shahryar Nashat's exhibition "The Cold Horizontals" centered on a visually seductive eighteen-minute video shown on loop across eight abutting…

Alex Hubbard

The nine abstract paintings in Los Angeles artist Alex Hubbard's exhibition "Chemical Compulsion" (all works 2017) have formal precedents in the field of experimental film, while the sole video on…

Marcia Hafif

For several decades, California-born artist Marcia Hafif has generally been known in Europe as a practitioner of ascetic monochrome painting.

Clare Goodwin

In recent years, she seems to have gained a certain confidence that has allowed her to experiment with figuration and with messier techniques than those seen in her prior work.  


Artists have historically used action as a medium to create fleeting and expressive works, to disrupt typical social behaviors, and as a direct form of protest. 

Terry Fox

The exhibition “Elemental Gestures” at the Kunstmuseum Bern charted the development of Terry Fox’s oeuvre over the course of his career in the United States and Europe, bringing together an extensive…