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Berin Golonu

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Nilbar Güreş

Spanning performance, video and photography, Turkish artist Nilbar GüreÅ?'s previous bodies of work often dealt with constructing gender identity within patriarchal cultures

Report From Venice The Wrap

No matter how frantically you try to make it through the Venice Biennale, the list always proves too long, and your time in Venice too short. For the benefit of Biennial visitors who have yet to draft…

Report From Venice Day 4

For this year's Venice Biennale, the renovation of the Arsenale buildings has been extended to an area just across the little manmade pond called the Darsene Grande to include the spacious warehouses…

Report From Venice Day 3

The Venice Biennial's central exhibition, its 77 national pavilion exhibitions, and its dozens of ancillary exhibitions (or "collateral projects") are accompanied by an equally copious number of event…

Report From Venice Day 1

Curator Daniel Birnbaum's exhibition Fare Mondi/Making Worlds forms the centerpiece of the 53rd International Venice Biennial, which brings together 90 chosen artists who lend narrative or representat…