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Brian Droitcour

Associate Editor and Online Editor, Art in America

Brian Droitcour is associate editor and online editor at Art in America. In August 2019 he launched a weekly newsletter for A.i.A. called The Program, highlighting our coverage of artists working with technology. Digital media and internet art have been frequent topics of Brian’s writing, which has appeared in several publications besides A.i.A., including 4columns, Parkett, Artforum, and Rhizome. He has also undertaken several projects exploring the relationship between institutions and their audiences that are based on an understanding of the viewer as a creative interlocutor with artworks. From 2012 to 2014, Brian wrote criticism on Yelp, adopting a voice specific to the platform in order to explore it as a place for nonprofessionals to engage with art and its venues. In 2015 he edited The Animated Reader, a poetry anthology accompanying “Surround Audience,” the New Museum’s third triennial. The book included social media posts alongside poems using strategies of translation, rewriting, and appropriation, aiming to convey a contemporary experience of constant response to media stimuli. In 2017 Brian edited Provision, a temporary magazine of critical writing, as part of Converge 45, an annual art festival in Portland, Oregon. The two-issue zine was produced over six days of intensive writing and discussion sessions with a group of local writers and artists selected by home school, an informal educational initiative. In 2018 Brian was a resident at the Luminary in St. Louis, where as part of the organization’s “Commoning the Institution” program, he led a workshop with Alison Burstein about institutional voice. The same year, in collaboration with artist Christine Wong Yap, he produced The People’s Guide to the Queens International (2018), publishing audience responses to the Queens Museum’s biennial exhibition of Queens-based artists. Follow him @briandroitcour.

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