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Carol Diehl

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Pete Schulte

The abstract graphite-and-pigment drawings of Pete Schulte (b. 1970) are like anonymous Tantric works that hint at experiences beyond the mundane.

Wang Xieda

Shanghai-based sculptor Wang Xieda's first exhibition in the United States, "Subject Verb Object," featured 19 spindly cast-bronze abstract sculptures, tabletop-size, that clearly reflect the influe…

Valerie Jaudon

In 1976, seven years out of art school and already critically recognized, Valerie Jaudon made a painting that established the technique and the focused visual system she has rigorously mined ever s…

Oskar Fischinger

Oskar Fischinger's pulsating, explosive and mesmerizing projection Raumlicht-kunst (Space Light Art), 1926, was a precursor to Nam June Paik's video art and the psychedelic light shows of the '60s…

Alan Wiener

Alan Wiener's complex tabletop sculptures of matte black or white resin are ambiguous multilevel constructions that could represent abandoned dwellings from the ancient past as easily as models of f…

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley paints oversize, hyper-realistic portraits of young, mainly black men like himself. Dressed in the garb of the global hip-hop scene, the men possess the kind of mannered stance and loo…

Angels Ribe

This exhibition of Catalan artist Àngels Ribé (b. 1943), presenting work made between 1969 and 1984, not only demonstrated how prescient the artist was but also offered a comparison with conceptual

Don Voisine

Don Voisine paints monumental shapes on a small scale. His hard-edge geometric abstraction revels in crisp formal perfection that is at once balanced and off-kilter. Painted in oil on boxy panels th…