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Charles Marshall Schultz

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John O’Connor

John O'Connor's hallucinatory drawings look like mandalas for the digital age. They churn and roil with vivid colors and crisp lines that web together and keep one's eye darting around.

Rodney McMillian

Rodney McMillian has a talent for setting up uncanny relationships among undistinguished objects. Many of the 18 works shown in this exhibition, titled “Prospect Ave.,” repurpose furnishings from Mc…

Jaime Davidovich

The art of Jaime Davidovich (b. 1936) cuts two ways. Made in a Duchampian vein, it’s at once amusing and confounding, both well reasoned and rough, with an improvisational air of whimsy…

Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall’s exhibition at Marian Goodman was a continuation of the Canadian photographer’s signature approach: using staged scenarios to feign the appearance of straight documentary. His rigor in pr…

Stephen Willats

Data collection and organization is an art form at which the British conceptualist Stephen Willats excels. His solo exhibition "The Strange Attractor," the first in New York for this sexagenarian ar…