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Colin Westerbeck

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A.L. Steiner

The first wall of prints in A.L. Steiner’s installation at Blum & Poe was sequenced with a formalist eye. One photograph led to the next in a way that suggested they were elaborating on each other lik…

Larry Sultan

A pivotal photograph in this retrospective is a favorite of mine that Larry Sultan and I discussed briefly four years before his death in 2009, at age 63.

Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula's career could be tracked as a voyage between tanks of hydrofluoric acid. The artist (who died last year at 62) was introduced to this corrosive substance as a lab technician at an aero…

Robbert Flick

The people who have taken an interest in Robbert Flick's photography range from colleagues at the University of Southern California with whom he has collaborated—one a cartographer, the other a geogra

Paris Photo in Focus

My view of the 120-plus booths exhibiting their wares below gave me the impression of an orderly, manageable event. But that was an illusion. As soon as I descended into the endless allées of…

Jeff Brouws

This show of American landscapes by photographer Jeff Brouws held one’s attention because of the range of moods it seemed to reflect, from amusement to anguish. The first work you saw, in the…