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Coline Milliard

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Keith Tyson

While many British artists opt for low-effort irony, Keith Tyson goes for the big issues: the nature of the creative act, the link between agency and chance, the production of knowledge. Or so he clai…

Alexandre da Cunha

Da Cunha’s preoccupations include a given genre’s cultural significance. The category “portrait bust” immediately brings to mind royal statuary; created with a cleaning implement, da Cunha’s “Bust” se…

Elizabeth McAlpine

With “Flatland,” the British artist Elizabeth McAlpine took film to its core elements: stock, light and projector. The show borrowed its title from the novella by Edwin A. Abbott that chronicles the s

Alexandra Bircken

In a recent interview, New Museum curator Laura Hoptman suggested that Alexandra Bircken’s delicate assemblages of wool, twigs and found objects demonstrated an enthusiasm for the handmade reminiscent…