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Courtney Fiske

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John Divola

Studying in Los Angeles in the early 1970s under Robert Heinecken, John Divola encountered Abstract Expressionism as a photographic phenomenon.

Film: Literal Illusions

The camera is trained on a paper scrim shot in negative. For a moment, a white field fills the frame, its expanse perfectly monochrome save a tremor of scratch and grain. Then the space is…

Sarah Charlesworth

Sarah Charlesworth's series "Objects of Desire" (1983-86) takes reality as something bracketed by quotation marks: a fiction, according to postmodernist critic Craig Owens, produced and sustained by…

Lygia Clark

Seen after a tour of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection, "Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988" inspired a sense of déjà vu.

Luke Stettner

Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges imagined language as an endless metaphor. At the heart of language, he surmised, was an attempt to collapse two incommensurable orders, the experiential and the…

Phanos Kyriacou

One of the more arresting objects in Cypriot artist Phanos Kyriacou's New York debut was a small monitor, placed on the floor, playing a video depicting the snout of a sleeping dog.

Konrad Lueg

From 1963 to 1967, Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf art dealer and main European conduit for New York's neo-avant-garde, moonlighted as the artist Konrad Lueg.