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David Duncan

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Cynthia Daignault

Inspired by American travelogues of the past—and realizing that the canon consisted solely of works by men—Cynthia Daignault set out in 2014 to travel the United States for a year by car. She followed…

Luther Price

With his film Sodom in 1989, the filmmaker and performance artist Luther Price (b. 1962) became known for addressing transgressive subject matter.

Doug Wheeler

Among the few sensations unavailable in New York City is the feeling of uninterrupted space. When people scan their surroundings here, a progression of objects, bodies or architectural impediments i…

Blinky Palermo

Upon his sudden death at age 33, Blinky Palermo left behind an extensive group of abstract works that has had a lasting impact on new generations of painters. A current U.S. museum survey examines his…

Ben Rubin

Since 1993, when Ben Rubin founded Ear Studio—the center of his research, art and sound-design projects—the 47-year-old artist has specialized in large-scale installations that parse data using tec

Jack Early

Those who heard the most recent State of the Union address may recall tales of plucky small-business owners demonstrating an American proclivity for self-reinvention. Had President Obama looked for…

Rob Pruitt

Building upon the Anabaptist principle of adult rather than infant baptism, the Amish have a tradition known as Rumspringa. The practice offers Amish teenagers a pivotal choice—put bluntly, either y…

Sarah Sze

In 1996, when Sarah Sze positioned hundreds (perhaps thousands) of minute, fossil-like objects—each scrupulously fashioned from toilet paper moistened with saliva—in an inconspicuous alcove of a gro…

William Pope.L

Immediately following the election of Barack Obama, many news pundits talked of a new day in race relations. Pollsters on the subject cited a belief in progress, albeit with the caveat that some pre…

Roger Ballen

After moving from his native New York to South Africa in the late 1970s, Roger Ballen (by his own account) produced exclusively documentary photography, chronicling life in and around Johannesburg. Th…