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David Ebony

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Lesley Vance

The nine new paintings in Lesley Vance's show (all untitled and 2019) were a dramatic departure from the works she exhibited in her previous New York solo presentation, at the FLAG Art Foundation in…

Purvis Young

During his lifetime, self-taught Miami painter Purvis Young (1943–2010) was something of a legend in his city and gradually gained national prominence in the realm of "outsider art." Extraordinarily…

Judy Pfaff

Judy Pfaff's recent show featured five major wall reliefs (all 2018) that resemble discrete exhibitions unto themselves.

Altoon Sultan

Altoon Sultan offers a highly sophisticated vision of rural life through works crafted in a wide variety of mediums: tempera paintings, gouache-and-ink drawings on hand-toned paper, porcelain relief…

Three Argentine Visions

Throughout its notoriously turbulent political and socioeconomic history, Argentina has managed to sustain a vibrant cultural scene. The hub of activity has always been Buenos Aires, a vast…