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David Ebony

Stefan Kürten

Stefan Kürten's intricate paintings of depopulated domestic interiors and enigmatic architectural spaces are "atmospheric" in Jean Baudrillard's sense of the term.

Gray Foy

Gray Foy (1922–2012) is scarcely known today but should be part of the canon of midcentury American art.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

The Barcelona-born, Rio de Janeiro–based artist Daniel Steegmann Mangrané creates sculptures, installations, films, holograms, and drawings that address ecological issues arising from the…


Rammellzee (1960–2010) was one of the major figures to emerge from the underground New York graffiti and hip-hop scene in the late 1970s and early '80s.

G.T. Pellizzi

G.T. Pellizzi cofounded the Bruce High Quality Foundation, a collective known for historically astute, if prankish, art world antics.

Jayne County

Having been fortunate enough to attend several Jayne County performances during her heyday, I can attest that her art bears a similar kind of strident energy, acerbic wit, and political edginess.

Jason Martin

With richly tactile surfaces embellished with undulating pigmented mounds that sometimes protrude more than a foot from metal panels, Jason Martin's paintings can resemble sculptural reliefs.

Mika Rottenberg

With a colorful, glitzy, and seemingly lighthearted aesthetic, the works in Mika Rottenberg's exhibition touch on heavy topics such as sweatshop labor, the role of women in the workplace, the…