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David Greenberg

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Larry Clark

In his book Tulsa (1971), Larry Clark infamously wrote: "Once the needle goes in it never comes out." At that point he was almost a decade removed from shooting amphetamine every day as a teenager…

Melissa Brown

Utilizing idiosyncratic techniques that are both playful and strategic, New York-based Melissa Brown has transformed traditional landscape painting into a magical meditation on form and perception…

Mathew Cerletty

Since the early 2000s, Mathew Cerletty has been earnestly stretching the possibilities of figurative painting while cleverly subverting much of what we have come to expect from both realism and hyperr

Darren Bader

Darren Bader has been quietly and sublimely redefining the artist-as-curator archetype for almost a decade now with a flurry of challenging exhibitions in New York, L.A., London and Tokyo. With the ne…

John Hodany

Seeming to juggle the latest studies on global climate change and his own idiosyncratic theories, John Hodany paints intriguing landscapes and interiors that verge on sci-fi surrealism. In his latest…

Brian Belott

Brian Belott is a master collagist whose sensitivity to his materials transcends the kitschier qualities of his work, which has a blissfully homespun esthetic all its own. For “The Joy of File,” Bel…


Navigating the ambiguities of the six large-scale paintings (all 2009) that comprised the latest Muntean/Rosenblum show, “Untitled 09,” one naturally turned for guidance to captions executed in comic…

Brendan Cass

For his latest exploration of the landscape’s elasticity, painter Brendan Cass has landed upon a perfect psychic convergence of Jackson Pollock and PBS instructional painting guru Bob Ross. While the…

Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger has long been celebrated as an important avant-garde filmmaker and a seminal influence on everyone and everything from Martin Scorsese to MTV.