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David Ulrichs

Shiny Happy People Take Miami

Over 260 galleries took part in the utopian colony that was the 10th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. Everyone showed up, no one said the R word or seemed concerned about the global economy, and th…

MACBA Banks on History

 In cooperation with the private contemporary collection of Spanish bank La Caixa, Barcelona's MACBA last week unveiled an exhibition of some 350 artworks, titled  "Volume!" [through Apr. 23]. The c

You Are Not Alone

“You Are Not Alone” is a group exhibition organized by ArtAids, a private foundation that invites leading international artists to produce work dealing with AIDS. In Barcelona, the show consisted of

Rory Pilgrim

Rory Pilgrim, a 23-year-old Bristol-born artist, is best known in the Netherlands for the choral performance he staged a year ago on the steps of the entrance to the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. In…

Benelux Gangs Up On Berlin

In spite of scheduling conflict with a major Berlin art event for the second year in a row (this year, abc), 34 gallerists in Brussels combined forces to stay open the entire weekend for the fourth…