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E.C. Woodley

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Brian Groombridge

Signs of engagement with the cosmos appear frequently in Brian Groombridge's work, representing a hunger for knowl­edge beyond ourselves and a faith in such knowledge even if it is minuscule compare…

David Urban

Throughout much of the 1990s, David Urban was one of the most celebrated young painters in Canada. His signature looping bands were fresh and compelling forms of mark-making that could be fluid and…

Liz Magor

Images of sleep and its material articles (such as beds, sheets and sleeping bags) densely populate Liz Magor’s oeuvre. Over the past 40 years, she has explored her subject extensively through photo…

Barbara Balfour

Known for her language-based work in several mediums, Barbara Balfour is also a master printer who has collaborated with Komar and Melamid, Leon Golub, Robert Indiana and David Rabinowitch. In her r

Krista Buecking

“Love Song for a Future Generation,” Krista Buecking’s first solo, featured a series of graphite diptychs that were luminous and compelling, and signaled the emergence of a surprisingly well formed…