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Est. 1902

Elisa Decker

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Drew Shiflett

As I made my way through the cacophony of the Lower East Side gallery scene, Drew Shiflett's tactile and intricate "constructed drawings" caught my attention with their quiet understatement.

Richard Kalina

Richard Kalina's recent paintings are systematic yet intuitive, summoning-despite their rigorous abstraction-the optical play of color and light in Seurat's work. This handsome exhibition, Kalina's…

Amaranth Ehrenhalt

Viewers in New York got a taste of Amaranth Ehrenhalt’s zesty oeuvre in 2006 when five of her paintings from the late ’50s were featured in the exhibition “Encore: Five Abstract Expressionists,” whic…

Mayumi Sarai

Mayumi Sarai's third solo show at Lohin Geduld featured 15 deftly carved sculptures, all but one wall-hung. Sarai uses found wood collected from different sources, sometimes antique pine reclaimed f…

Richard Tsao

Before Richard Tsao considers a painting ready to leave hisstudio, he takes it through a process that is not unlikenature’s millennial buildup of sediment to form solid rock…

Will Barnet

The recent abstract paintings of Will Barnet (who turned 99 this year) were the focus of this exhibition, and it was a gem. A departure from the artist’s signature style in which figuration predomin…

Anne Neely

Though many of the 14 oil-on-linen paintings (all 2008 or ’09) in “Where There’s Water,” Anne Neely’s third solo exhibition at Lohin Geduld, pay homage to the lakes, tidal inlets and aquifers surround…