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Elizabeth Buhe

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Rachel Granofsky

In the eleven photographs included in Rachel Granofsky's exhibition "House Hunting," quotidian objects like bedroom mirrors, ragged curtains, and cardboard boxes morph into visual puzzles that are…

Betty Tompkins

Pink text snaked in tight, meandering rows across human figures in the fifty-one recent paintings on paper in Betty Tompkins's second solo exhibition at P.P.O.W.

Alice Tippit

The seventeen bold-hued, hard-edge oil paintings in Alice Tippit's second solo show at Nicelle Beauchene ricocheted between significations, thwarting any stable meaning.

Angela Heisch

The thirteen gouache paintings that Angela Heisch exhibited at 106 Green (all 2018 and on muslin over panel) suggest the aesthetics of 1970s interiors, slightly wonky architectural diagrams, and…

Claire Falkenstein

The title of "Claire Falkenstein: Matter in Motion" took its terms from the artist herself, who spoke freely of the energy that ricochets through the universe and animates matter.

Julia Wachtel

The nine paintings on view (all but one from 2017) appropriate material from the everyday flow of circulated images, such as a New Yorker cartoon, a shot from a Fox News broadcast, and various brand…