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Elizabeth C. Baker

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Keith Sonnier

For his most recent New York exhibition, Keith Sonnier presented nine sculptures, three collages and five drawings, all from the second half of the 1960s, made before he began to work intensively wi…

June Leaf

Reprising Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in a series of reliefs cut from sheets of tin, along with studies on canvas and on paper, June Leaf undertakes a gutsy, idiosyncratic venture into…

Adrian Paci

Adrian Paci's concise exhibition, "Motion Picture(s)," which consisted of several videos and one big painting/construction, provided a good look at various aspects of his work over the past decade…

Kazuo Shiraga

Six large, paint-laden gestural abstractions made a ferociously muscular appearance in New York recently, constituting, along with photos and films, a compact account of a leading participant in Japan…

John Gerrard

In a pair of solo appearances, his first in New York, John Gerrard showed three visually stunning, thematically related digital works (all 2008).