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Elizabeth Fullerton

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Derek Jarman

Most of the works in this poignant exhibition of assemblage-style paintings by Derek Jarman, "Shadow Is the Queen of Colour," comprised canvases on which objects such as crucifixes, a whip, and…

Jonathan Horowitz

Jonathan Horowitz, who was trained in philosophy, often uses witty juxtapositions of appropriated imagery to emphasize the mutual interdependence of politics, entertainment, and consumerism. The…

Daria Martin

London-based artist and filmmaker Daria Martin took as a starting point the dream diaries kept by her Jewish grandmother Susi Stiassni, whose family fled Brno, Czechoslovakia, in 1938, when Stiassni…

Lindsay Seers

In preparation for her powerful video installation Every Thought There Ever Was (2018), British artist Lindsay Seers interviewed Leff and listened to a recording of an avatar therapy session.