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Eric Sutphin

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Susan Jane Walp

The impact of Susan Jane Walp's still lifes defies their diminutive scale. In her paintings she portrays domestic objects, patterned fabrics, and luscious fruit in rigorously balanced compositions…

Joan Semmel

While first-wave feminist artists were experimenting with video, installation, and other new media, Joan Semmel—along with Sylvia Sleigh, Betty Tompkins, and a few others—stuck to…

Kyle Staver

Whether the theme is love, war, or death, myths have provided artists a rich source of visual and conceptual material for millennia.

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown's recent paintings at Derek Eller amounted to something like a storyboard for a twenty-first-century American epic.

Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong can be considered a kind of nouveau Nabi, a descendant of Post-Impressionist painters like Édouard Vuillard and Paul Sérusier. .