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Frances Colpitt

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Margarita Cabrera

Fourteen life-size desert plants constructed from sections of dark green U.S. Border Patrol uniforms were casually arrayed in terra-cotta pots on the gallery floor for El Paso artist Margarita Cabrera…

Tommy Fitzpatrick

Tommy Fitzpatrick's exhibition "Electric Labyrinth" consisted of 15 easel-size paintings depicting, in varying degrees of abstraction, a Prada store by Herzog & de Meuron in Tokyo.

Adam McEwen

Utilizing every nook and cranny in the spacious, refurbished warehouse building of the Goss-Michael Foundation, a nonprofit space dedicated to contemporary British art, this survey of Adam McEwen's…

Susan Rothenberg

The lush exhibition “Susan Rothenberg: Moving in Place” includes 25 paintings dating from the mid-’70s to the present decade, selected by the museum’s Michael Auping. In Rothenberg’s work, the fulsome…

Kiefer as Occult Poet

From the beginning, reaction to Anselm Kiefer's work has been polarized. His remarkable early success, and enthusiastic acclaim by museums and collectors, soon produced a backlash. The critical left…

Texas Biennial

Encompassing 73 Texas artists from small towns as well as metropolitan centers, the bulk of the third Texas Biennial consisted of two large thematic group shows and four regional solo exhibitions, all

Ranjani Shettar

Ranjani Shettar’s first solo museum show included three impressive multipart sculptures. Two works on paper, a cluster of wax-dribbled sheets and an 8-foot-tall print containing a stream of red, green…