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Francesca Aton

Editorial Assistant, Art in America

Francesca Aton is editorial assistant at Art in America, where she began as an editorial intern, after earning a dual BA in art history and visual arts from Fordham University in 2017. She is a recipient of the Lipani Visual Arts award, and her art history thesis, Kouroi: From Ancient Tradition to American Identity (2017), which examines Isamu Noguchi’s 1945 statue Kouros in relation to the sixth-century BCE Greek Marble Statue of a Kouros (Youth), was published in the university’s research journal. While at Fordham, she was an editor for the comparative literature journal Bricolage, her creative writing was published in the literary magazine the Comma, and her artwork was shown in multiple exhibitions. Before joining A.i.A., Francesca was exhibitions associate at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, where she worked closely with curators Mary Birmingham and Katherine Murdock, and numerous artists on shows in and around the community. She spoke at the French Embassy, writing and presenting a speech on the cultural impacts of bilingualism, and was a site assistant for the Apolline Project in southern Italy, unearthing, identifying, and analyzing artifacts encased during the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius. While studying abroad in Rome, she assisted Fordham University professor Jo Anna Isaak with her research and teaching. She translated from French and transcribed an 1846 New Orleans court case for a forthcoming film by Casey Ruble on free woman of color Eulalie Mandeville de Marigny, and wrote the essay Are You Comfortable? Seeking Utility in Helpful Discomfort (2019) in the artist-run magazine Hécatombe. Follow her latest adventures on Instagram at @atonoffran.