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Est. 1902

Franklin Einspruch

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Ruben Ochoa

Locust Projects will soon relocate to a new space in Miami’s Design District. The slated demolition of the current building necessitated the move, but Locust’s revoked occupancy presented the opport…

Bill Scott

Bill Scott’s paintings have an atmosphere of ease, but consideration and reconsideration of beautiful form churn within them. Two or Three Nudes in a Landscape (2010) summarizes Scott’s endeavor, its…

Ying Li

One does not so much enter into the landscapes of Ying Li as collide with them. Brushed impastos accrete on her canvases like minerals on the walls of a cave. Discerning the scenes can require an ac…

Mel Kendrick

Mel Kendrick has native Brancusian sensibilities, but he came into artistic maturity in the 1970s, "when process was everything," as he puts it. Two opposing impulses, one to invent his own geometric…