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Gillian Young

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Rosa Barba

While the Berlin-based Italian artist is known for her work with film, her new video installation The Color Out of Space (2015) appears to leave celluloid behind only to inflect cutting-edge imaging…

Martine Syms

The 17th-century English physician John Bulwer posited that hand gestures might comprise a universal language. This notion was later revived by 20th-century anthropologists studying the striking simil

Jean-Luc Moulne

If Jean-Luc Moulène’s “Opus”—an ongoing conglomeration of images and objects the Paris-based artist has produced since 1995—constitutes a body of work, it is also what his fellow Frenchman Antonin Art…

Meyer Vaisman

An artist of Lithuanian Jewish descent born in Caracas, Meyer Vaisman has made a habit of exploring his own complex sense of identity.

Better Homes

The domestic interior, as imagined in "Better Homes," was a far cry from the space of private material comfort proffered by Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 

Elad Lassry

Elaborating on his foray into performance at The Kitchen in New York last fall, the Israeli-born, Los Angeles-based artist Elad Lassry costumed small-scale photographic works in silk and various other…

Zilia Sánchez

In Lunar V, a modular canvas made by the Cuban-born artist Zilia Sánchez in 1973, the halves of a full moon taper into tongue-like crests, which interlock and extend toward the viewer…