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Gregory Volk

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Alison Elizabeth Taylor

Alison Elizabeth Taylor is known for making painterly compositions using the centuries-old technique of marquetry, in which pieces of wood veneer are fitted together to form decorative designs or…

Mary Corse

Corse's protean paintings are acutely involved with matters of perception. They are also enthralling, inducing rapt absorption and, at times, outright wonderment. 

Teresita Fernández

Among the fascinating aspects of Teresita Fernández’s probing, landscape-themed exhibition, titled “Fire (America),” was her use of natural materials: clay, fire, charcoal, and paper…

Nicolás Consuegra

The new works in Consuegra’s recent show there (all 2016) involve everyday objects that have morphed into novel configurations and taken on new identities. Two exquisite furniture sculptures, for whic…

Slavs and Tatars

Founded in 2006, Slavs and Tatars is an international collective whose eclectic work focuses on the vast, multiethnic portion of Eurasia that lies, according to the artists, “east of the former Berlin…

Cao Fei

While viewers of Cao Fei’s excellent survey exhibition will be familiar with myriad products manufactured in China, it’s likely that few will have considered, beyond a vague inkling of anonymous worke

Robert Smithson

James Cohan Gallery opened its new space on the Lower East Side with an exhibition of seldom-seen drawings and sculptural assemblages made by Robert Smithson between 1963 and 1964, several years befor…