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Jean Dykstra

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Geoffrey Farmer

The archive has been the inspiration and the raw material for many artists and curators, but few approach it with the dedication and whimsy of the Vancouver-based artist Geoffrey Farmer. Farmer, who w…

Penelope Umbrico

Penelope Umbrico is a hunter-gatherer-aggregator whose works are based on the repetition inherent in our collective practices of image-making. In perhaps her best-known piece, Suns (from Sunsets)

Germaine Krull

In 1928, Germaine Krull published Métal, a seminal work in New Vision photography and in the history of the photo book. Comprising 64 photographs that emphasize the geometry of cranes, silos, blast…

Zanele Muholi

South Africa was the first contry to abolish discrimination based on sexual orientation in its constitution. In "Isbonelo/Evidence" Zanele Muholi collaborates with fellow South African lesbian, gay, b…

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas has created a body of work over the last decade that attempts to unravel issues like identity and race in popular culture. Until now, he has looked most closely at representations o…

Justine Kurland

American photographers have had a long romance with the road. Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Stephen Shore, to name a few, have spent extended periods of time in their cars, roving the country with…

Jim Campbell

"Dreaming in public" is how the sci-fi writer William Gibson has described what he does, but it's also a fitting characterization of what Jim Campbell is doing in his latest installations.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

In this affecting exhibition of black-and-white photographs, LaToya Ruby Frazier combines portraiture and social documentary in a narrative that weaves together the socioeconomic ills plaguing her h…

Thomas Barrow

Anyone looking for a counterpoint to the seamless photography currently dominating the digital field need look no further than the work of Thomas Barrow.