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Jennifer S. Li

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Anna Sew Hoy

Since the late 1990s, Anna Sew Hoy has developed a sculptural, largely ceramic language centered on forms suggesting amoebas, heads, planets, caves, and hives. Familiar yet alien, Sew Hoy's…

Nikita Gale

Nikita Gale's sculptures and installations explore systems of power and oppression using objects like barricades and musical equipment and motifs of American social protest.

Summer Wheat

Using extruders, piping bags, and palette knives, Summer Wheat pushes acrylic paint through framed pieces of aluminum mesh, producing stippled images on the other side that appear to be tapestries.

Wendell Dayton

Wendell Dayton began displaying his sculptures in the driveway of his Silver Lake home and then on the two-acre property he moved to on the edge of San Fernando Valley horse country in 1999.

Meleko Mokgosi

Meleko Mokgosi portrays scenes of daily life in southern Africa, often combining his images to create dramatic multi-panel filmstrip-like sequences.

George Egerton-Warburton

In George Egerton-Warburton's satirical show, titled "English," mechanical installations worked a lot at doing nothing, illustrating to extreme and absurd ends Marx's theories of labor and alienation…

Anna Maria Maiolino

AS ONE MIGHT expect of an artist whose life has unfolded on different continents and over seven decades to date, Anna Maria Maiolino has produced a remarkably varied body of work. Born in 1942 in…