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Jennifer S. Li

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John Outterbridge

Octogenarian John Outterbridge, who had a distinguished career in arts administration at the Pasadena Art Museum (now the Norton Simon Museum) and the Watts Towers Arts Center, is best known for his p…

David Korty

David Korty first received critical attention in the aughts for portraits and landscapes indebted to artists including Alex Katz, David Hockney and the painters of the Bay Area figurative school. With…

Rebecca Morris

In their visual convolutions, the compelling canvases in Rebecca Morris’s exhibition “Rose Cut” allude to the title, which she adopted from the rose-like, multifaceted style of diamond that appears in…

Luke Diiorio

New York-based artist Luke Diiorio’s latest solo show addressed a gamut of issues grappled with in art since modernism: singularity versus repetition; representation versus abstraction; and the limita…

Korakrit Arunanondchai

A young woman dressed in all white ushered me ceremoniously into a small screening room. A subtitled video began playing on a flat-screen television, opening with a voice speaking in Thai over…

Nathan Mabry

When done well, the mash-up casts a critical eye on its constituent elements by way of smart juxtapositions, while simultaneously generating its own hybrid aesthetic.

Samara Golden

In the macabre comedy Being John Malkovich, the protagonist discovers a small door in his office that turns out to be a gateway into the mind of actor/filmmaker John Malkovich, and then gives…

Matthew Brandt

Matthew Brandt's hands-on experiments in the darkroom transcend sheer novelty and contend with the nature of photography as described by Roland Barthes.