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Jessica Baran

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Zlatko Ćosić

A refugee of the Yugoslav wars, Zlatko Ä?osiÄ? reflects on his transcultural survival narrative in the seven video works that comprised "Still Adjusting," his recent solo exhibition at Gallery 210 at…

B Wurtz

B. Wurtz, who has created found-object assemblages for the past four decades, has recently received much praise as an under-recognized master, and this exhibition further justified the accolades…

Chelsea Knight

In a 2011 interview, New York-based artist Chelsea Knight asserted, “Relationships of power are at the core of every social interaction.

Balazs Kicsiny

Balázs Kicsiny's installation "Killing Time" (2012) seems plucked from a lost Peter Greenaway film-some arch pantomime of pleasure courting death in a halted interstice of time. One enters a single…

David Noonan

The first solo American museum exhibition devoted to Australian artist David Noonan, this taut survey collects three bodies of untitled work dating from 2006 to the present: a group of figurative sc…