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Kate Green

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Tino Sehgal

Just inside the Palais de Tokyo a young man, wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, approached me, kept me in place by dancing in my path, and asked—first in French and then in English—“What is a rid

Hannah Ryggen

This retrospective of 42 tapestries, many of which are mural-size and narrative, by Swedish-born Norwegian artist Hannah Ryggen (1898-1970) is revelatory, summarizing her ability to use the warm, tact…

Mungo Thomson

Mungo Thomson's latest project, which translates the often-ignored sound of crickets into music, touches upon a century of avant-garde art-making strategies. 

Waltercio Caldas

Evoking both substance and poetics, "The Nearest Air" was a fitting title for the first comprehensive survey of works by Waltercio Caldas (b. 1946, Rio de Janeiro).

Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess's canvases quiver with colors, textures, shapes and symbols that are at once profoundly familiar and deeply mysterious.