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Kimberly Chou

What Cant He Do

Early in this interview, Franco and I are sitting in one of the plywood houses, watching the tail-end of an imagined romance between Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Spock (Kirk Slash Spock), which…

Weathering the Storm

To celebrate its fiftieth year, this weekend Storm King Art Center opens a pair of exhibitions that take a look forward and a look back. In the last century, Storm King has evolved from what was first

A Case of Need

New York Gallery Week kicks off tomorrow, Friday, May 7. It's actually more of a long weekend: the inaugural NYGW features a series of events and solo show openings at participating galleries, from Ma…

Idolize What You Eat

At the Brooklyn Ball last night, even before guests saw the Bruce Nauman-inspired take on cheese- part of food artist Jennifer Rubell's multi-part feast for the night—they likely smelled it. During co

Reminding Us Not to Be Silent

Upon being introduced to Nancy Spero's work, "one quickly realizes this is an artist that attracts attention and commentary where it wasn't always so," wrote Jon Bird, a long-time scholar of her work…