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Kirsten Swenson

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Huma Bhabha

A cast bronze sculpture of a commanding figure enthroned like an Egyptian pharaoh greeted visitors to Huma Bhabha's midcareer survey, "They Live."

Ellen Harvey

"Nostalgia" was a long-considered take on nature in the twenty-first century, offering historical wisdom and imagination at a moment when such conditions seem in short supply.

Fred Eversley

When I visited this exhibition of thirteen works by Fred Eversley, the black, white, and gray polyester resin and acrylic sculptures that serve as the show’s focus reflected the New England winter sun…

Edgar Arceneaux

Arceneaux’s immersive, theatrical works reveal complex, lost storylines of the post–civil rights era United States and cast us as witnesses to the lies, redactions, iconizing, and forgetting that has…

Robert Irwin

In 1970, Robert Irwin gave up his studio and sold his art supplies. The midcareer painter and sculptor “simply stopped being an artist in those senses,” as he told Lawrence Weschler for the classic bi