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Lauren DeLand

Michael Rakowitz

Chicago artist Michael Rakowitz's work often foregrounds his heritage as the son of an Iraqi-Jewish mother and an American father. Familial rituals—cooking, hosting, and archiving the ephemera of…

Jennifer Packer

How does one simultaneously confront these oppressive forces without allowing the nefarious visual order of surveillance to dictate the ways in which those most oppressed by it are seen? 

Tania Pérez Córdova

Pérez Córdova has produced an unwieldy vehicle for immaterial transactions, substituting a relatively large, cumbersome object for the convenient pocket-size card it immortalizes. &nbsp…

Hélio Oiticica

Performance arguably persists only in the document, the remnant, the re-creation. Though the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica is not typically designated a performance artist, his work invites interact…

Kader Attia

"Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory" began when Northwestern University's Block Museum extended an invitation to the French-Algerian artist to use the resources of the school's Herskovits Library of Afric…

Alma Allen

Alma Allen’s semiabstract sculptures provoke an irresistible urge to identify familiar formal corollaries. The self-taught, Joshua Tree–based artist encouraged this impulse by giving the name Not Yet…

Amalie Jakobsen

Denmark-born, Berlin-based artist Amalie Jakobsen’s metal sculptures bear minor irregularities that contradict the works’ smooth, crisp angles. From a distance, two linked aluminum triangles (all work…

Sanford Biggers

The historical relationship between the Western avant-garde and the art of Africa is one of objects stolen, fetishized, and aesthetically cannibalized by European modernists like Picasso and Modiglian

Deana Lawson

A selection of 16 ambitious works by the New York-based photographer Deana Lawson inaugurates the Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series, a new biennial program. Perhaps the most arresting work in