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Lilly Slezak

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Fairfax Dorn

Fairfax Dorn is the executive director and co-founder of Ballroom Marfa, the arts venue in a converted dancehall in the idyllic town popularized by Donald Judd. The space has two galleries and is a

Ansel Adams Suit Settled

After a seven-month legal dispute, the Ansel Adams Publishing Trust reached a settlement on Monday with Fresno, Calif., resident Rick Norsigian. While Norsigian is legally permitted to continue sellin

Linda Mieko Allen

Commencing this gallery’s fall season was a captivating new body of work by Linda Mieko Allen, a North Adams, Massachusetts-based painter long intrigued by natural phenomena. Evident in the 10 works…

Jill Magid

What is a reasonable man in a box? This question—silkscreened in white handwritten script on a slate-gray wall—confronted viewers as they entered Jill Magid’s A Reasonable Man in a Box (2010)…

Out in Public: West of Rome

Guests to Los Angeles public art project West of Rome's benefit were greeted by a marching band and Carnival-style dancer, and then given white baby bibs (name-customized in pastel-hued embroidery for…