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Lilly Wei

Theaster Gates

Whether he builds history-charged sculptures or encourages neighborhood initiatives, Chicagoan Theaster Gates insists that his art be both made and lived.

Jerusalem’s Open Season

Earlier this summer, the Jerusalem Season of Culture (JSOC) launched at venues throughout the city, a sign that Jerusalem, not known for its avant-gardism, is now a go-to spot for culture. Itay Maut

Joe Fyfe

Joe Fyfe, a New York artist who wears multiple hats, including those of curator, writer, critic and globetrotter on a shoe-string, continued his canny exploration of present-tense abstraction in his…

Thornton Willis

The lattice patterns in Thornton Willis’s recent paintings (all 2008) are a departure from his faceted triangular forms of the past few years, which in turn varied from his signature wedge-shaped abst…