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Megan Heuer

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Gianni Colombo

Gianni Colombo approached art as a way to manipulate and transform sensory perception through color, form, light and geometry.

Xavier Cha

Xavier Cha is a young New York-based artist who has garnered attention for works involving live performance.

Alicja Kwade

Entering Alicja Kwade’s New York debut, “The Heavy Weight of Light,” one encountered a sculpture called Matter of Opinion (all works 2012), exemplifying many of the questions that animate the…

Mark Grotjahn

In the mid-19th century, the poet and critic Charles Baudelaire famously castigated sculpture for being at once too literal and too elusive. "Though as brutal and positive as nature herself," he wrote…

Andrea Zittel

Since the early 1990s, Andrea Zittel has used the design of domestic spaces and personal objects as an experiment in the contemporary viability of the avant-garde principle of merging art and everyday…

James Welling

James Welling has been exploring the gap between photographic referent and image for nearly 40 years in his experiments with the continually evolving technologies and materials of the medium.