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Michael Duncan

Helen Pashgian

Pasadena artist Helen Pashgian, a vastly under-recognized member of the Light and Space movement of the 1960s, has long fashioned industrial materials into sleek transmitters of the ineffable. Earli…

Laura Lasworth

The 18 allegorical seascapes in Laura Lasworth’s series “The Western Wall” represent the Seattle painter’s most consistent and disciplined body of work to date. Inspired by the dramatic views from h…

Pierre Buraglio

This selection of 36 paintings, collages, reliefs and drawings dating from 1965 to 2007 provided an excellent overview of the work of the 70-year-old French artist Pierre Buraglio. Best known in his…

Suzanne Treister

For the past two decades, London-based artist Suzanne Treister has been watching the watchers—surveying the various intelligence organizations, cults and visionaries with their eyes on us or the fut

Valérie Favre

Paul McCarthy and Nayland Blake have used rabbits as male alter-egos, playing on an idea of the creatures as randy and guileless. For Valérie Favre, rabbits are decidedly female surrogates. Playboy bu…

Annie Lapin

Just after her debut exhibition at Angles Gallery in 2008, the young L.A. painter Annie Lapin was invited to mount an installation in a 42-by-22-foot gallery at the nonprofit Grand Arts in Kansas City