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Olga Stefan

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William Hunt

London-based artist William Hunt (b. 1977) is known for physically demanding performances. Within a sculptural framework, he often combines acrobatic actions with the execution of his musical composit…

A Kassen

After its appearance in Stockholm, the Carnegie Art Award exhibition, which featured 17 nominated artists from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, ended its usual tour due to lack of funds, according…

Lutz & Guggisberg

In the past, the work of Swiss artists Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg, who have been working as a duo since 1996, has tended toward the excessive and hyperbolic, their installations usually featu…

Dieter Meier

Can conceptual art be funny? The Dieter Meier retrospective, the first in Switzerland for this Swiss artist who was born in 1945, suggested that it can.

Sandra Boeschenstein

Swiss artist Sandra Boeschenstein's recent show, "In the Earth's Own Shadow," featured 39 black-and-white works on paper (some with red marks or stamps) from 2007 to 2013.

Ericka Beckman

Despite a 30-plus-year filmmaking career that has earned her numerous awards as well as inclusion in various art biennials and film festivals—and the admiration of Jean-Luc Godard—Ericka Beckman has…

Loredana Sperini

Loredana Sperini's recent show "Tra di Noi" (Between Us), at Freymond-Guth's new space in the Löwenbräu complex, continued her explorations with contrasting materials.