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Paul B. Franklin

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Valentin Dommanget

In the Aladdin’s cave that is contemporary art, painting and its many traditions have long coexisted alongside more innovative approaches to art-making, notably those offered by new technologies. The…

Lida Abdul

Lida Abdul describes herself as an artistic nomad. Born in Kabul in 1973, she and her family fled Afghanistan soon after the Soviets invaded in December of 1979. 

Jean Dewasne

After a venerable ascent, beginning in the mid-1940s, as an abstract painter, teacher and theorist, the French artist Jean Dewasne (1921-1999) largely has been forgotten since his death.

Youcef Korichi

In his latest solo exhibition, "non-lieu, non sites" (which one might translate as "dismissed cases, dismissed places"), Algerian-born French artist Youcef Korichi (b. 1974) reveled unabashedly in t…

Haegue Yang

In an interview published last January in Flash Art, the Berlin-based Korean artist Haegue Yang (b. 1971) proffered: "There is a mysteriousness and spirituality in the most banal things."

Anders Krisar

Frequently labeled morbid, macabre or melancholic, Anders Krisár’s sculptures perturb and provoke in their equivocal evocation of the physical and psychic boundaries that both define humans and…

Benjamin Sabatier

In "Hard Work," Benjamin Sabatier (b. 1977) continued his exploration of the myriad confluences between the creative process and tried-and-true manual drudgery. Fashioned from familiar industrial ma…


The Viennese all-male collective Gelitin (Ali Janka, Florian Reither, Tobias Urban and Wolfgang Gantner) are self-styled provocateurs, whose performances, installations and other artworks jubilantly…

Chiharu Shiota

In her installations and sculptures, 40-year-old Chiharu Shiota nimbly explores the psychic entanglements of loss and remembrance, dreams and reality, past and present. Though experiences and…

Antony Gormley

Over the past 30 years, Antony Gormley has carved out a distinguished place for himself in the pantheon of modern and contemporary British sculpture. While corporeality has always been his preferred…