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Paul Soto

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Agathe Snow’s Moral Surfaces

Snow is best known for ephemeral sculptures made of vernacular materials—eggs, wigs, inflatables, papier-mâché flowers and water hoses. Earlier this year at Maccarone, New York, she dangled…

Frequent Flying with Ei Arakawa

New York-based artist Ei Arakawa opened his latest performance-cum-exhibition at Overduin and Kite, Los Angeles, "I Am An Employee of United, Volume 2" [through Oct. 27] with a vision of excess com

HUO Has Epiphanies

The indefatigable curator Hans Ulrich Obrist arrived in Los Angeles last month to launch the Institute of the 21st Century, aiming to digitize the entirety of his 20-year spanning interview proje…

Ruby Neri’s Primordial Visions

Writing in his 1946 manifesto, "Rehabilitation of Mud," the artist Jean Dubuffet advocated for the creation of paintings made of "monochromatic mud . . . to discover an order (an image) within forml…

Down by the Boardwalk

This past weekend saw the "first and only" (a promotional brochure touted) Venice Beach Biennial, a festival of performance, sculpture and installation organized by Hammer Museum curator Ali Subotni…