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Quinn Latimer

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Bettina Pousttchi

Clocks abound in the photographic, filmic and sculptural worksof Bettina Pousttchi. The German-Iranian artist’s “World Time”series (2008–ongoing) comprises blown-up, black-and-white…

Peter Friedl

In 2001, Austrian artist Peter Friedl mounted a solo show titled "Forty Acres and a Mule" at the recently opened Nicolas Krupp Contemporary Art in Basel. The exhibition featured a spare, black PVC f

Falke Pisano and Ana Roldan

The documentation of performance art has been a regular guest at the contemporary art table since the 1970s. Such documents once stuck to a standard format: dry black-and-white serial photographs or…

Jill Spector

Jill Spector’s tall, pale and bulbous sculptural assemblages coyly court anthropomorphism. Variously crafted from chicken wire, wood, plaster, pillows, papier-mâché, inkjet prints and photocopies, t…

Martina Gmur

There is something at once unabash­edly romantic and oddly remote about the sensibility evinced by Martina Gmür’s paintings on wood in this recent exhibition, “Das Loch” (The Hole). The 30-year-old…

Brightest in Show

In this week's Art Basel-precipitated blur of fairs, performances, museum openings, art dinners and art parties, it is sometimes difficult to ascertain exactly where one is at any given moment. Liste…

Video Stars at Art Basel

The 1979 New Wave song "Video Killed the Radio Star" kept running through my head as I made my way around the cavernous maze that is Art Basel 41's intermingled Art Unlimited and Art Statements sectio…

Hugo Markl

“I’ve copied folk art that won’t become folk art,” Hugo Markl once remarked of his work. His version of “folk art” is derived from print and digital media imagery—porn magazines and websites, Vogue