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Raphael Rubinstein

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Martin Kippenberger

Opening on the heels of Martin Kippenberger's death in March 1997 at the age of 43, this show, which had been planned for some time, became an inadvertent memorial exhibition.

Poems Without Words

With a 1975 series of stacked-line compositions, the painter David Reed began to garner recognition from critics and peers alike. Now those legendary works from his first solo exhibition are on view a…

Surreal Cairo

In Egypt during World War II, a large group of artists embraced the international Surrealist movement, creating locally inflected artworks and manifestos fully abreast of Western aesthetics and…

Nahum Tevet

Although I have long been a fervent admirer of Nahum Tevet, until the recent exhibition “Nahum Tevet: Works on Glass 1972–1975” at Hunter College’s Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery, I knew of the…

Berry Horton

In order to forestall harassment from local authorities, Redbud posted a sign in the gallery window reading notice: erotic material during its recent show of work by little-known Chicago artist Berry…