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Rebecca Dimling Cochran

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Mark Lewis

There is no narrative or single character to weave the films together. Instead, Lewis's portrait is additive: each distinct location, subject, and perspective layer one upon the other. 

Craig Drennen

Timon of Athens is an unfinished Shakespeare play that was never produced during his lifetime. In it, the wealthy Timon gives away all his money to his friends, who then turn against him when he…

Micah Stansell

Micah Stansell’s new video installation, The Water and the Blood (2011), explores the way in which information is pieced together to create a narrative. Rather than develop a plot, Stansell…

Adrienne Outlaw

Myths and fairy tales often involve sinister characters whose powers allow them to physically transform their victims or manipulate the outcome of events. Nashville-based Adrienne Outlaw sees a para…

Fahamu Pecou

Throughout his still brief career, Atlanta-based Fahamu Pecou has experimented with playing the role of an artist whose fame approaches that of a hip-hop star. Earlier performance works in which he…