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Est. 1902

Sarah Schmerler

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Rico Gatson

For almost two decades, Rico Gatson has been making strong work that stands at the intersection of formalist abstraction and social commentary. 

Norbert Prangenberg

With more than 30 exhibitions to his credit, including four museum retrospectives, Norbert Prangenberg, who died at age 62 in June 2012, was seldom exhibited outside of his native Germany and Europe…

Rochelle Feinstein

Rochelle Feinstein isn't one to wait around for the academy to get a bead on her. With not a single major museum exhibition, nor anything resembling a substantive catalogue to document her prolific…

Nathaniel Robinson

In past years, Nathaniel Robinson created stand-alone sculptural objects such as an untitled polyurethane-resin version of a Styrofoam cup (2009) that was a dead ringer for the original, down to the…

Xylor Jane

Xylor Jane gets up absurdly early each morning to begin painting, all the better (she claims) to access the unconscious forces that tend to be accessible at that hour. (The title of her show—her thi…

Erik Saxon

For the installation of this strong, spartan solo show, painter Erik Saxon provided the gallery’s director, Matthew Deleget, with careful instructions. In pencil, he rendered the placement of each w…

Elana Herzog

For the past 10 years, Elana Herzog has been creating impressive interventions out of ripped and otherwise deconstructed domestic fabrics that seem to grow seamlessly out of a room's corners, cling…