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Sue Taylor

Julia Stoops

Over the past two decades, Julia Stoops has forged a multi-faceted career in Portland, founding a design studio, teaching art, writing fiction and showing her paintings at various venues around the ci…

Ellen Lesperance

Despite wishful arguments for art as an agent of change, art-making itself can never be confused with real activism, where personal liberty, livelihoods, bodies, even lives are laid on the line.&nbsp…

Dan Attoe

In this exhibition of eight exquisite new paintings and drawings (all works 2013 or 2014), Dan Attoe installed an anomalous, 6-foot-tall neon bloodhound head accompanied by the statement "I know mor…

Lucinda Parker

Among the most admired painters in this region, Portland-based Lucinda Parker has forged an impressive career that includes ambitious public projects in Oregon, Washington and California.

Gaston Lachaise

There is a dark, psychosexual underside to the work of sculptor Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935), familiar for his many outsize female nudes scattered in museums across the U.S. 

Ab-Ex Dada

At New York's Stable Gallery in 1953, Marcel Duchamp examined a wooden container studded with iron spikes and containing four loose stones.

Michelle Ross

A respected abstract painter and teacher at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Michelle Ross is a 2012 winner of the coveted Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts. In this exhibition of four w…

Betty Feves

Honoring a major figure in Northwest art, "Betty Feves: Generations" featured sculpture, vessels and dinnerware as well as documentary footage of the artist orchestrating open-air pit firings in Pe…

Grant Wood in Iowa, At Auction

In 1939, Grant Wood unwittingly caused a scandal with his lithograph Sultry Night, an image of a naked farmhand cooling himself at a trough. When Associated American Artists attempted to market the…

Sally Finch

Sally Finch presented the 23 abstract drawings and paintings (2009-11) in her exhibition “Weather Studies” just as seasonal rains began to fall in the Northwest. But according to the titles of these