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Sue Taylor

Dan Attoe

In this exhibition of eight exquisite new paintings and drawings (all works 2013 or 2014), Dan Attoe installed an anomalous, 6-foot-tall neon bloodhound head accompanied by the statement "I know mor…

Lucinda Parker

Among the most admired painters in this region, Portland-based Lucinda Parker has forged an impressive career that includes ambitious public projects in Oregon, Washington and California.

Gaston Lachaise

There is a dark, psychosexual underside to the work of sculptor Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935), familiar for his many outsize female nudes scattered in museums across the U.S. 

Ab-Ex Dada

At New York's Stable Gallery in 1953, Marcel Duchamp examined a wooden container studded with iron spikes and containing four loose stones.

Michelle Ross

A respected abstract painter and teacher at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Michelle Ross is a 2012 winner of the coveted Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts. In this exhibition of four w…

Betty Feves

Honoring a major figure in Northwest art, "Betty Feves: Generations" featured sculpture, vessels and dinnerware as well as documentary footage of the artist orchestrating open-air pit firings in Pe…

Grant Wood in Iowa, At Auction

In 1939, Grant Wood unwittingly caused a scandal with his lithograph Sultry Night, an image of a naked farmhand cooling himself at a trough. When Associated American Artists attempted to market the…

Sally Finch

Sally Finch presented the 23 abstract drawings and paintings (2009-11) in her exhibition “Weather Studies” just as seasonal rains began to fall in the Northwest. But according to the titles of these

Hayley Barker

In Modern Painters III (1856), John Ruskin named the tendency to ascribe human emotion or agency to objects in nature “the pathetic fallacy.” The fallacy emerges, Ruskin claimed, from an excited…

Anna Fidler

Anna Fidler established a presence in Portland over a decade ago with fanciful abstract paintings and cut-paper collages inspired by forms in nature. Recently she impressed viewers with a hugely amb…