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Thea Ballard

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Jacob Kirkegaard

Much of the work of Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard, whose projects incorporate video and photography, homes in on particular places or environments.

Lisa Alvarado

The works in Lisa Alvarado’s “Sound Talisman” weren’t paintings in a precious, gallery-bound sense. Rendered in craft-store acrylics on layers of inexpensive polyester satin, the large mandala-like ha…

Ken Okiishi

Whether layering references to different eras within a single work or organizing pseudo-retrospective exhibitions, Ken Okiishi often folds the past into the present.

Rosemary Mayer

This exhibition of works that Rosemary Mayer made between 1969 and 1973—a period during which she and nineteen other women artists founded the cooperative A.I.R. Gallery, and a broadly fertile time fo…