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Tom Williams

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Dorothea Rockburne

By the time Dorothea Rockburne had her first solo exhibition, in 1970, she had already contributed to critical developments in the postwar avant-garde. As a student at Black Mountain College in the

Esteban Vicente

Three recent exhibitions in the New York area offered an opportunity to assess the career of the late Spanish-born Abstract Expressionist Esteban Vicente (1903-2001). Focusing variously on his paint…

Engineers of the Soul

This group exhibition borrowed its title from Joseph Stalin, who posited that artists and writers under socialism would be "engineers of the human soul." In the Soviet hierarchy, they would educate…

Paulina Olowska

In Germany, the term Ostalgie-a combination of the words for the East and for nostalgia-refers to the fashion for Soviet-era merchandise and a corresponding longing for life under socialism…

Adam Pendleton

During the past five years, Adam Pendleton has repeatedly staged dialogues between the histories of the esthetic avant-garde and black politics.

Carey Young

For over a decade now, the British artist Carey Young has been an exponent of a version of institutional critique that has focused on the contemporary art world’s increasing resemblance to the corpo…

Tobias Putrih

Over the past 10 years, the Slovenian artist Tobias Putrih has maintained an ongoing dialogue with the utopian moments of modern engineering and design. Focusing more on models and proposals than o

Laurent Grasso

For nearly a decade, the French artist Laurent Grasso has produced a series of ambitious multimedia projects dedicated to the mysterious and the inexplicable, cultivating an ambiguous, and often omi…

An-My Le

In her recent exhibition, Vietnamese-American photographer An-My Lê returned to the subject matter, if not the ambiguities, of her earlier work. Her previous documentary photographs addressed Americ…