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Travis Diehl

Did Sturtevant Invent the Meme?

Freedman Fitzpatrick's recent exhibition of Sturtevant's rarely seen videos framed the works anachronistically as 'memes'—a term whose association with digital imagery had barely begun at the time…

Tony Cokes

Art dealer Hannah Hoffman, recently turned the former house of Paul Revere Williams into a temporary exhibition space for a show of five video works by Tony Cokes. The context brought a particular…

Jesse Mockrin

Painter Jesse Mockrin draws from art historical sources to create idiosyncratic scenes that are at once stripped down and rambling.

Dan Colen

Dan Colen's latest series comprises large-scale horizontal canvases painted with desert landscapes drawn from animator Chuck Jones's Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote shorts.


Four nested heads, their features interlocking: the drawing, from 1966, could be the cover of a Love album or an Aldous Huxley novel.