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Yulia Tikhonova

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Moscowbased duo EliKuka’s recent exhibition “Bad/Good” included paintings, sculptures and works on paper that poke fun at a society in transition from the Soviet era to a neoliberal present. The artis…

Erbol Meldibekov

Erbol Meldibekov has been mining the history of his native Central Asia for almost three decades now. Walking through “Hallucination,” his second exhibition at Gelman Gallery, one felt thrown back…

Yakov Kazhdan

The Russian art scene today often seems to be just another victim of homogenizing international trends. So when you entered the Moscow-based artist Yakov Kazhdan's recent solo exhibition, you might…


The Moscow-based collective BlueSoup uses computer graphics to create videos that show meticulously crafted, illusionistic but desolate landscapes and seascapes, often with some subtle departures fr…

Mikhail Kosolapov

Moscow-based Mikhail Kosolapov's installation "MILF" brought together art, technology and sex in a way that once would have caused an uproar but elicited a nonchalant responseâ?¯in the current…

Sergey Bratkov

In his recent exhibition, “Balaklavsky Drive,”â?¯Sergey Bratkov presented a video and photographs that, taken together, suggest a new type of hero for today’s Russia. The artist seems to have turned t

David Ter-Oganyan

Over the last 15 years, the Moscow-based conceptual artist David Ter-Oganyan has made semi-abstract formal paintings, drawings and objects that discreetly comment on political issues. The exhibition "…